G.B. Morgagni Prizes 2016

Prof. G. Crepaldi, Chairman of the G.B. Morgagni Prizes Scientific Committee, will present the awards to the 2016 winners during the Symposium which will be held in Padua on 28 October 2016:

  • Gold medal: J. Tuomilehto (Helsinki)
  • Silver medal: L. Marcovecchio (Chieti) and Jakob Wikström (Stockholm)

The G.B. Morgagni Prize was instituted in 1984 by a group of distinguished researchers working at the University of Padova Medical School (Italy).

Named after the great anatomist Giovanni Battista Morgagni (1682-1771), the prize was set up to promote research in the field of metabolism: One gold medal (20 000 euros) for an outstanding European scientist, and two Young Investigator Awards (silver medals, 8000 euros each) are awarded every 2 years.

An international panel of prominent experts in the field of metabolism examines and evaluates the candidates: qualifications, curriculum vitae, and scientific publications.

Servier, the leading independent French pharmaceutical group, has been the sole sponsor of the G.B. Morgagni Prize since 1997.