The Prizes


Named after the great Italian anatomist Giovanni Battista Morgagni who was one of the first scientists to carry out research on human anatomy (in Padua) and who laid the foundation for the modern concept of pathology, the G.B. Morgagni Awards Program was instituted in 1984 by a group of postdoctoral researchers working at the University of Padua Medical School.
The Morgagni Prizes were devised and founded by physicians/researchers who were deeply committed to the study and treatment of metabolic diseases. The intention was to promote research on diabetes and its complications, a major public health concern affecting a large portion of the population. Research activity needed to be designed and funded if progress was to be made in finding causes and developing treatment plans.

According to the program’s statutes, one major prize (gold medal and 15000 euros) for an outstanding European scientist and four minor ones (silver medals and 5000 euros each) for young investigators carrying out research in the field were to be conferred every two years.

Gold medal Career Achievement 15000 Euros
Silver medal Young Investigator Award 5000 Euros

A panel of experts in the field, headed by Prof Gaetano Crepaldi of the University of Padua, was instituted and was periodically renewed to examine and review the candidates’ qualifications, curriculum vitae, and scientific publications.

In 1985, under the auspices of the School of Medicine of the University of Padua, the first Gold medal was awarded to Professor Gerd Utermann (Germany), and a group of eminent scientists followed: Lelio Orci (Switzerland) in 1987, W.J. Malaisse (Belgium) in 1989, G. Ailhaud (France) in 1991, and Shlomo Eisenberg (Israel) in 1993.

Since 1997, Servier, the leading independent French pharmaceutical group, provides the program with an educational grant, has been the sole sponsor of the Morgagni Prizes. In the years that followed, the Morgagni Prize’s fame spread and it soon became Europe’s most prestigious award for research in metabolism.

The next (sixteenth) edition of the Morgagni Prizes will be held in 2020.